Is it me or does this sound like the, “I know you are, but what am I” defense? Does Trump sound like Pee Wee Herman in this clip? What a grownup man child. How do you deal with this as a serious reporter? Most mystifying is how can any watch this and say to themselves, that’s my guy? That’s the man I want as my president. That’s who I want to support. The man who responds to the press like a 3rd grader. 

A reporter, says to the president, “Some Americans say you are encouraging politically motivated violence by the way you speak.” His response; that the media is causing violence by asking the question? By questioning him and the way he says things, the media causes violence. And then he calls them, “Fake news.” If you didn’t know it was real you’d think it was an SNL routine. Surreal. 

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