Happy Mueller Friday!

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I told myself I wouldn’t get excited about another Mueller Friday. I anticipated the Friday after the midterms like a kid anticipating Christmas morning. And I was a disappointed. That was 4 Fridays ago. No significant indictments. No Don Jr. No Jared. No Mueller report to congress. I’ll admit I was a disheartened, even depressed. So I’ve decided to be Zen about it. Mueller moves at his own pace. Does things in his own time. I stopped having expectations. 

But last night the Orange One tweeted up a cat 5 hurricane of ire at the Mueller investigation, the “Fake News”, the border, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats. He threatened to release his own report to counter the Mueller report which, as I mentioned, hasn’t been released yet. Which makes me think he may know something we don’t. And did I mention, it’s Mueller Friday? Now I’m thinking something YUGE! may be coming real soon. I’m feeling like a kid on Christmas morning again. Why do I do this to myself? Here’s some of what he tweeted followed by some of my responses. 

My responses.

And now there’s this gem tweeted about 15 minutes ago.

It’s been a good Mueller Friday. There’s pretty clear evidence now that the president committed a felony. 

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