Steph Curry’s Science Denial Dangerous to Youth and the Earth

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Steph Curry ignorant doesn't think man landed on the moon.

Steph was joking so in the immortal words of Emily Litella: NEVERMIND!!!

People are astoundingly stupid and Americans seem to lead the world in expressions of phenomenal ignorance. From our president to people famous for playing sports, or famous for absolutely nothing at all (I mean you Kardashians) Americans say the dumbest things. I am no longer a Steph Curry fan. No matter how talented, as an influencer of millions of youth, especially African American youth, this kind of science denial is detrimental to the education and potential career choices of people who already start with a disadvantage. This kind of statement from Curry almost makes me want to agree with Laura Ingraham’s advice to NBA players to just shut up and dribble. Almost. She sucks and she’s wrong, of course.

And this comes as the Warriors are being honored as Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of the Year. SI ought to take the award back. It comes after NBA star Kyrie Irving made a similar statement of stunning ignorance when he said the earth is flat. For which he later apologized. But the apology and recanting never gets the same publicity as the initial stupid statement. Some things are more important that basketball, sports talent, publicity, and entertainment. Science education is one of those things. Science denial is one of the main rationalizations for climate change denial. And the future of the entire planet depends on people believing and doing something about climate change. Youth are impressionable and influenced by people they admire. A science education could change their entire lives, but not if they don’t believe in science. 

Despite Charles Barkley’s famous denial, sadly, Steph Curry and all NBA players are role models. Young people look up to Steph Curry and other NBA players and he just majorly let them down. I am so tired of ignorant statements from NBA players, the president, and Kardashians (you too, Kanye). I am so tired of Americans saying the dumbest things on earth. The round earth from which we launched a rocket ship to the moon. 

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